Why you should choose for IPE decking

The expensive tag price of Ipe decking materials may make you think twice about whether or not it’s really worth investing in. After all, there are plenty of other hardwood materials that are also beautiful but less expensive. But, Ipe remains the top choice for those who are looking for enduring elegance and long-lasting value. There are many advantages and benefits of building a deck made of Ipe.

Extremely Strong

Ipe wood is one of the hardest hardwoods in the world. It has 3680 lbf according to the Janka rating system. It is strong, durable, and is so dense that it will submerge into the water instead of float. The highest quality of Ipe decking can live up to 50 years. In other words, you can enjoy your beautiful natural decking for a lifetime.

Highly resistant to common causes of wood problems

Ipe decking will surely give you your money’s worth. Aside from its strength, it is also commended for its durability and resistance to common wood problems. Ipe has tight fibers so it can effectively resist water and moisture. This is also the very reason why it cannot absorb stains and paint easily. You won’t have to worry about termites, insects, mold, and heat, either, because they cannot penetrate Ipe wood.


Durability and low-maintenance always go hand in hand. Since your Ipe decking is not affected by the common causes of wood problems, you won’t have to deal with repairs, repainting, and other maintenance procedures. There is no need to treat decaying and squeaky Ipe wood boards. Of course, regular sweeping and mopping are necessary to keep your Ipe decking clean. Sealing the wood annually is also recommended. Other than this, there’s no special upkeep to do.


4 Life-Changing Lessons I Learned From Traveling the World With Tony Robbins

Mentally, I was a mess when I first came across Tony Robbins. It was around 2008; I had just had a full-on panic attack, finding myself curled up in the fetal position in a friend’s garden. A cocktail of unhealthy behaviors, relationship challenges and work stress had built up. Completely disconnected from my own soul and spirit, my body shut down.

At the time, I had no idea what was going on and how to resolve my pain, so I searched on YouTube and came across this tall man who started to make sense to me. It was Tony Robbins. I ended up investing in his course Personal Power II, and something clicked. It was the moment when I discovered that I could change myself. This started my journey of transformation, and I found that the more I worked on myself, the better my life became.

Six years later, I was attending a mastermind in Las Vegas, and someone who worked closely with Robbins offered me a complimentary ticket to Unleash the Power Within (UPW), and it was then that I decided to sign up for his Platinum Partnership, a $65,000 investment at the time. I can remember being stood at the table, my heart pounding  this was to be the biggest investment I had ever made in my personal development.

Part of this investment meant that I would be taking trips all over the world with the man who had had a huge impact on me, and my first private chat with him was at a West End show in London. That’s where I learned my first big lesson from Robbins.


Is Quantum Supremacy A Threat To The Cryptocurrency Ecosystem?

There’s no accurate prediction for when Quantum Computers could be a reality; however, signs indicate that they might be here sooner than ever. With Google officially announcing its quantum supremacy through a recent publication, crypto and cybersecurity enthusiasts fear the judgment of their protocols against the power of quantum computers.

Recently, Google’s Sycamore quantum chip was successful in speeding through complex equations typically unsolvable by conventional supercomputers, hence marking a significant leap in computing power that can bring major breakthroughs in everything from mathematics to engineering and artificial intelligence.

However, this unlocked power can potentially find its way into malicious hands such as hackers and criminals. Considering the raw power of quantum computers, modern-day security protocols may not be able to handle the supremacy of these complex machines. Even blockchain-based cryptocurrencies could soon be victims of malicious manipulation through quantum computers.

While it’s uncertain how quantum computers could disarm blockchain security; It is this uncertainty that instills fear in the cryptocurrency community about quantum computing and its potential to break the system. Now, you might be wondering if your private keys are at risk; the short answer is no.

To dive deeper, we need to understand how quantum computing works and how it will affect cryptocurrencies.


How to Go From Incredibly Shy to Insanely Confident So Your Business Can Thrive

When I ask my clients the question, “What are the five words that best describe the man or woman you want to step into and embody?” The number one answer that stands out beyond the rest is “confident.” “Loving” comes second, with “successful,” “happy” and “compassionate” also coming in the top five.

Being shy really held me back in my business. I would get so far, making enough to pay my bills, but I wasn’t creating the kind of impact I wanted. When it came to doing the things that I needed to break through to the next level, I would shy away. There was always a little voice of doubt that stopped me. My performance levels were low, but I knew I was capable of more.

I played it safe, and that created frustration and a vicious cycle that I couldn’t seem to break. Deep down, I knew that my confidence was the issue, but I couldn’t put my finger on what I needed to do. People thought that I was confident, but there were many times when I would sneak out of events because the anxiety got to be too much. If I was asked to go on video, I would come up with an excuse not to even though I knew it would help my business.